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I believe that time is the most valuable thing We have in our lives because We can't have it back. Photography has the power to make us travel in time, to freeze that special moment and it can makes us feel that emotion once again. 
I am a very passionate person for every single moment in the life, and life is about every moment we share with the ones we love.
I want to document everything just to be able to live it over and over again. I can't see the kids growing up, but I can feel them being kids forever in my pictures. 
Photography is a family passion, my grandfather as a photographer used to bring his profession home, registering all the precious moments we have as a family. 
This was a big influence in my life and made me realize how important is to register those moments before it's gone forever.
That love for photography made me turn it into my profession and 8 years ago I decided to have my own photography studio in Brazil.
I've crossed paths with some amazing people in my life that made me grown as a person and as a professional. 
Now living in Ireland I brought with me all this knowledge and I want to continue building my career with this passion for photography and help you to have the best emotions of your life documented by my eyes and my heart.  

I love to document family and kids and my goal is to capture the spontaneous moment in time. 
Also I am an adventure person, so don´t be surprised if I suggest you to have your photo session done on the top of a mountain. hahahaha
Let me tell your story and create some amazing memories together!

a little bit about my world resumed in imagens...


Dublin - Ireland



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